As Books Made Their Way to Deepalaya Community Library in Sheikh Sarai…

Deepalaya Community Library’s campaign for fundraising for books on Donate-a-Book was a roaring success. They had received 100% funding just half-way through their campaign period and we couldn’t be happier! Pronto multiple boxes of English and Hindi books were delivered to them (of their choice of course). They recently wrote back about their experience on Donate-a-Book and what happened when the books reached them. 🙂
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Deepalaya Community Library serves the residents of the Sheikh Sarai and surrounding neighbourhoods with a collection of 3000 plus books and a volunteer and member run Reading Project, which is an effort to read aloud to children.
Plan for the books received:
It is not enough for us to make sure the members of our community have access to books; we want people in communities everywhere to have access to books. Some time ago the children who serve on our Library’s Student Council decided with the help of adult volunteers to gather books and plan for a second library in a community with little access to books. The second Deepalaya library is currently under construction in the Sanjay Colony Deepalaya School. Some of the Pratham books from the donate a book fund drive are for the new library in Sanjay Colony.
Arrival of Books:

The books arrived in the Deepalaya Library in Sheikh Sarai a couple weeks ago. It was very exciting for Student Council members to see the visible result of the online fundraising campaign. Children exclaimed over the sheer number of boxes that when stacked up on the library floor formed a pillar of sorts. Later on we opened the boxes and spent a Saturday sorting through the books and reboxing the ones for Sanjay Colony. 

On Tuesday, August 4, seven library members – Sumit, Sahil, Ritika, Amrita, Nunihar, Shivani and Simpy – delivered the boxes of books meant for the children of Sanjay Colony to their new library space. There was a small ceremony to mark the reception of the books. Each child from the Sheikh Sarai library handed a book to the Principal of Deepalaya Sanjay Colony, Ms Shikha Pal, and spoke about their experience of growing to love reading. They urged their peers in Sanjay Colony to read and enjoy books. They concluded by asking the children of Sanjay Colony to in their turn build a library for children elsewhere.

We really enjoyed being a part of the campaign. we found the team that managed the campaign was very responsive to our questions and concerns.

-Team Deepalaya Community Library and Reading Project
A student council member shares his love for reading with the audience present.
Donate-a-Book is a unique crowdfunding platform for children’s books. Support other campaigns like Deepalaya Community Library get more books in multiple Indian languages here.

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