Freedom is… Being Able to Choose a Storybook in My Language!

Freedom means many things to many people. Our freedom fighters brought us freedom from foreign rule and every day good Samaritans across the world are fighting for all the little freedoms that matter to people. Malala Yousafzai is an excellent example of this struggle for freedom, for children of the world to have a right and a chance at education.
Pratham Books started as a multilingual publisher to give a choice to Indian children to pick a book in languages they understand and are most comfortable in. Year on year, we publish books in about 16 languages so that a child in Odisha has the same choice of stories as a child in Punjab or Karnataka.
Every child deserves a good book to read, and deserves to read in a language she loves and understands. We call this – #FreedomtoRead.
So this year, we decided to celebrate the #FreedomtoRead in our own way. We have set up seven language-focused campaigns on our crowd-funding website, Donate-a-Book. Seven non-profit organizations/free schools from different parts of the country have been chosen as beneficiaries for this campaign. With the funds raised, books will be donated to these beneficiary organisations as library packs or as gift sets to children. The idea is to add more books to existing libraries as well as giving children the joy of book ownership, a book they call their own and keep going back to 🙂
All the books up for funding are in Indian languages to encourage children to read in their mother tongues.
We can democratize the joy of reading storybooks in one’s language with YOUR support!
Help books in Marathi, Bengali, Odia, Kannada, Gujarati, Telugu and Urdu reach these small schools and libraries and the children who are waiting to read more. Choose a language YOU love and lend it your support.
You can pick up campaigns from here:
  • Books in BENGALI are reaching the library of CESR Education centers in Purulia, West Bengal.
  • Books in ODIA are going all the way to Bhubneshwar to the hands of children via our NGO partner, Shikshasadan.
  • URDU Books are landing in the laps of little children from the learning centers of Azad India Foundation in Kishanganj, Bihar.
  • MARATHI Books will be a part of the library in the Late Malti Bai Joshi School in the coastal town of Ratnagiri, Maharashtra.
  • Children from Brighton Gujarati School in Ahmedabad will experience the joy of owning GUJARATI Books.
  • Books in KANNADA will undertake a journey to the town of Harabole in Karantaka to be owned by children from R C Educational Institute.
  • A Govt school library in Vishakhapatnam will get new TELUGU Books via our NGO partner, Srujanavani.

Let’s make #FreedomtoRead a reality together!

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