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Over the course of the year, our books have been travelling across the country. Pratham Books’ Donate-a-Book platform has enabled organizations, schools as well as individuals to raise funds for children they work with. It is always heartwarming to see the places our books land in – thanks to the efforts of passionate educators and citizens like these. And this wouldn’t be possible with the generous contributions made by the people who believe in the power of books! Take a look at where our books have travelled to recently.

Sidrah started a campaign to get books for ‘Lakshya Ek Behtar Samaaj‘- an organization in Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh) that supports children of manual scavengers.

Fulfilling to meet the very driven Ranjesh Singh who works with children of manual scavengers in Baba ka Purwa,Lucknow. So grateful to hv the opportunity to mentor him and support these talented children. pic.twitter.com/NoAL1I0ILu


A Zilla Parishad school in Bhoodan Pochampally (Telangana) now has several English books thanks to the campaign run by Shirisha (an educator at the school).

Reading hour in Anantpur, Andhra Pradesh – courtesy the campaign run by Rayalaseema Development Trust


Books at a brand new library in Ladakh. The books are now part of the Himalayan Reading program that Sharmila (the campaigner) wanted to start.


If you find yourself at Oblapuram village in Andhra Pradesh, do keep an eye out for our books. The campaign by Adarsh Seva Samithi was partially funded and were the first story books to reach the kids they work with.
The campaign started by The Gerry Martin Project sought to source books for two rural schools. This picture is from a Bookmaking workshop at a school in Rathnapuri, Karnataka.

By making a small donation to a campaign on Donate-a-Book, not only do our books travel, but kids also travel to new worlds and spaces through these books. 
Can you Donate-a-Book today?


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