Who We Are

Pratham Books is a nonprofit publisher introducing children to the joy of reading.

Every second child in India cannot read at her grade level.1

This immense reading deficit comes from a variety of reasons, an important one being the dearth of reading material beyond textbooks in school. Without easy access to books in their mother tongue languages, children struggle to learn to read and practise their reading skills.

Since 2004, we have been creating engaging storybooks in multiple languages and formats to help children discover the joy of reading – in languages they can understand, set in locations they can recognise, featuring characters with whom they can identify, and telling stories that capture their attention and fuel their imagination.

Our books delight and enchant children, taking them on adventures and introducing them to new worlds.

Our mission is to see ‘a book in every child’s hand’. And here’s how you can help us do that.

Our Values and Operating Principles



– Infuse the joy of reading everywhere, anywhere and for everyone
– Create a safe and vibrant space that inspires creativity, encourages learning, and sparks innovation



– Celebrate diversity across all dimensions of our work
Enable an open and collaborative culture that fosters belonging and ownership
– Foster deep listening for meaningful partnerships and collaboration



– Promote empathy across all stakeholders and inspire them to become changemakers
– Foster agency and amplify all voices



– Promote an ethical, transparent and accountable culture that upholds our mission and dignity of all our work