Your Guide to Literary Events Happening Across India

Storytelling by Bharati Jagannathan

Just in case many of you were wondering why we haven’t been posting information about events on our blog, you’ve been looking in wrong place. We have been posting information about all the awesome events we’ve been hearing about – but we created a whole NEW SECTION for them. All the events are now listed under the EVENTS CALENDAR. The calendar also contains links to contests. If you are a writer or illustrator, the calendar is a place to check out.
Where is this events calendar? When you visit the blog, look at the heading just below our blog header. The one on the right says Events Calendar. Click on that and voila – you have many events to mark your calendar with.
And if you can’t find it, bookmark this link and visit it from time to time to know what is happening in your city : http://blog.prathambooks.org/p/events-contests-and-more.html
The calendar is updated whenever we hear of a new or interesting event (an event for children or an event for kiddos). Since it is not possible that we hear of all the fun events happening across India – we need your help in informing us about these events. If you ever hear of an event that you think may be of interest (or are the organizer of the event), send us a tweet or leave a message on Facebook or send us an email (web(at)prathambooks(dot)org).
Here’s an example of some of the things on our calendar :

Courses in Editing and Book Design – application process starts on 1st February

Commonwealth Essay Competition (2 age categories – under 14 years and 14-18 years) – apply by 1st May

AFCCSKETCH – An Online Illustration Contest – apply by 13th May

Train Stories for Railonama – send by 31st May

Foyle Young Poets 2013 – apply by 31st July 2013

The Scholastic Asian Book Award 2014 – submit by 21st October

APRIL 2013

Papertigers list of literary events, across the world – throughout the month

Ishara International Puppet Festival, Delhi, Gurgaon and Chandigarh – 8th – 16th April

Wood Craft Workshop for Children, Bangalore – 8th-13th April and 15th-18th April  (registration required)

Poetry Tuesday @ Santacruz, Mumbai – 9th April

Professional course in storytelling, Noida – 13th-14th April, 20th-21st April (register by 10th April)

AHA! Summer Express 2013, Bangalore – throughout the month (registration required)

Club Hatch Summer 2013 Workshops, Bangalore – throughout the month of April  (registration required)

Giggle with a Gurgle, Kochi – 13th April

Your Turn Now – Interactive Event, Mumbai – 13th April

Mumbai Book Fair, Mumbai – 13th-21st April

Toto the Auto Story Session, Mumbai – 14th April

Acoustic Traditional’s National Storytelling Tour, Delhi – 14th-15th April

Nature Journaling Workshop, Bangalore – 15th-19th April (registration required)

Beat the Heat – Summer Camp, Chennai – 15th-19th April, 22nd-26th April

Summer Workshops by The Story Place, Mumbai – 15th-19th April, 22nd-26th April

Meet the author : 366 words in Mumbai, Mumbai – 19th April

Katha Kosa’s Summer Camp, Mumbai – 23rd-27th April  (registration required)

Junior Naturalist Course, Bangalore – 2 workshops in April  (registration required)

Kidsstoppress has also curated a list of summer camps, across India –  throughout the month of April  


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