Why We Support The Robotics Champs

We share an office space with the amazing team from Akshara Foundation. Akshara Foundation is a Public Charitable Trust dedicated to ensuring quality pre-school and primary education for every child in Karnataka.

Akshara Foundation, with the support of LEGO Foundation, set up a Robotics lab in Seva Bharat Trust Government School, Vivek Nagar, Bengaluru in 2013. All students of grades 5-7 and selected students of grades 8 and 9 participate in the Robotics program. This year, the “Master minds” team qualified in two national level competitions – Robocup Junior and the First Lego League 2015 robotics competition. They will now go on to represent India at the international level finals. These children have achieved this feat by surpassing various popularly known private institutions across India. We are very proud to announce that ours was the only team with students from the Govt Schools. (via Akshara Foundation)

In February, we got to meet the ‘Master Minds’ team – the Robotics Champs we had heard so much about. It was a day full of magic (because what isn’t magical about a dancing robot?) and inspiration! Having placed first in the “Dance” category of the Robocup Junior National level Robotics competition they now have a chance to represent India in Germany and Philippines. 

See the video below to learn about the journey of these bright kids
We are very excited about the journey these kids are going to embark on and we can’t wait for them to represent India on the international circuit.

They need a little help to make this dream come true and you can help them. Find more details here


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