To Rani, With Love – Books Reach Bundelkhand

The story of Rani, from the impoverished Nari village had touched many a hearts. Our NGO partner, Paras India works with other tribal children like Rani, in the hinterlands of the Bundelkhand region. PARAS had set up a fundraising campaign on Donate-a-Book to get more books for the small libraries which form a part of their centers in these regions. After they got fully-funded with the support of many a kind donors, we sent them books that they had themselves picked up for the children there.
They wrote to us with their experience on Donate-a-Book.
Paras works with marginalized and underprivileged children. We believe in equalizing power of knowledge. And what better than books. The children we work with are mostly drop-outs or never been to school. Their parents are day laborers and there is not much incentive for them to get educated. With persistent effort and passion we have been able to make them go to Paras Centre where they are helped and mentored to get into mainstream again.
Plan for the books received:
Paras has its own centers, the Books are being used to make a small reading areas in these centers. Children are motivated to spend time in these centers and to read Books apart from other activities.
Arrival of Books:
“This looks so pretty! We will be having new stories to read” the sheer joy of looking at beautifully illustrated and colorful book is amazing, and children loved the fact that they have now so many of them!
Experience on Donate-a-Book

The campaign was well designed and coordinated. We think Pratham Books has done a great job and service to leverage its strengths to help other smaller NGOs who are doing great work at grassroot level but seldom visible. 

We would have liked if PB had more books on subjects, like elementary maths, science or a book of Puzzles.

-Team PARAS India
Ohh! The joy of new books 🙂

Donate-a-Book is a unique crowdfunding platform for children’s books. Support other campaigns like PARAS India get more books in multiple Indian languages here.


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