Tinkering School

The ‘Tinkering School’ looks like an absolutely fun place to be. If I was a kid, I wouldn’t want to leave this school! Looks like oodles of fun, fireworks of creativity, a huge box of enthusiasm, a sky full of inquisitiveness and a whole lot of madness (of the nice kind!).

Tinkering school is “a place where children where children can pick up sticks, and hammers, and other dangerous objects and be trusted. Trusted not to hurt themselves, trusted not to hurt others. It’s a place where children are given the freedom to build, and destroy, and fail in a way that is very different from how they are now taught at school or home”.

Two years ago, software engineer and tinkerer Gever Tulley told us five dangerous things you should let your kids do. He returned in 2009 to give us an update about Tinkering School, his part-lab-part-summer-camp where kids use power tools to create amazing things … like roller coasters!
We’ll be posting Gever’s new talk soon — but he’d like you to go ahead and check out this webcomic version of his 2009 talk.

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