5 More Random Things About Pratham Books

Picking up from where Gautam John left off on the “5 random things about Pratham Books”, Kanchan Bannerjee compiled the following list:
1.We like to collect children’s books wherever we go – including in Swahili (in this case the illustrations decided the choice).

2.We have ‘foodie’ discussions a lot.

3. We love having events for kids.

4. We are thrilled when we have first-time people posting on our blog.

5. We speak Ubuntu – prefer to use open software .

Some of you may notice how food and Ubuntu seem to play a BIG BIG BIG role in the Pratham Books universe :).

Those of you who missed the previous 5 random things, click here.



  1. Anonymous February 20, 2009

    Great job! Pratham.
    Also, it’s nice to see, you guys love Ubuntu (almost) as much as you love kids!
    May be you should (some time in the future) do a book on (Ed)ubuntu for the kids.


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