The Shadow of a Book

We have said this often – very often, our inboxes receive some love, some happiness and end up spreading a whole lot of joy. Last week, we received this little thank you note from Srividhya Raghavan : 

I wanted to pen this email for nearly a month. At a friend’s place, we came across the book “Sister, Sister, why is the sky so blue?“. My little one was impressed but couldn’t understand the concept. Luckily, the following day we spotted the book “Sister, sister, where does thunder come from?” at the library and grabbed it immediately. Hardly had we reached home, we started reading the book. My little one was thoroughly impressed and me too!! He is a nature lover but very scared of thunder and lightning. When we finished reading the book (as usual multiple times), he grabbed a paper and his art set. He drew the below picture and said “Mommy next time when thunder comes I will teach you what is thunder”. 

I was amazed at what impact a book could bring to a child! Thank you Pratham Books. Please keep such stupendous titles coming.

We happily shared the note with Roopa Pai (the author of the book).We cannot agree more with what Roopa said in her reply : ¨Also made me realise how long a shadow a single book can throw – I wrote the ‘Sister, Sister’ series some 12 years ago!¨
Read the ‘Sister, Sister’ series:

Sister, Sister Why is the Sky So Blue?

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