Library Educator’s Course

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The Library Educator’s Course is a Professional Development Certificate course developed by Parag Initiative and being offered in Hindi for the fourth time in 2018. The course is open to all educators and intended for teachers, school librarians, development sector professionals, literacy and language educators and in fact for every one working with children and books with the desire to spread the joy and culture of reading. Library education for children has multiple possibilities and dimensions, currently unexplored. The Library Educator’s Course offers a unique opportunity to strengthen understanding and academic thinking linked to practice in a well-designed, highly charged environment with some of the best library practitioners in the field.

The course offers professional development with an 

  • Intellectually stimulating curriculum enabling vision and perspective building for the library professional 
  • Exposure and experience with rich selection of children’s books 
  • Extensive hands-on experience in contact mode with practical and theoretical discussions 
  • Opportunity for working educators to engage in a dual mode course whilst continuing their work
  • Opportunity to design and undertake field project pertaining to libraries
You can find more details about the course here.

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