Neema’s Travel Diary

Just a second. Let me finish this carrot here. CHOMP! CHOMP! MMM!
Hello, I am Neema. I have been travelling for the last few weeks to meet many children. In

fact, I have been so busy that I barely got time to try the purplicious grapes that are in season

right now. But luckily, I managed to get my hands on some of them. YUM!

I have some wonderful friends who invited Bijal Vachharajani the writer and Priya Kuriyan
the illustrator of my biography, What’s Neema Eating Today? to talk about my seasonal
eating habits. They didn’t invite Vinayak Varma who art directed the project, but it’s okay,
he’s finishing a book on some rain and sun or some jackals, I hear.
We went to Tata Lit Live in Mumbai last year. We met lots of children and made food
monsters for me to gobble up! I ate splendidly that day. BURP!
We had lots of fun with Think Arts at the Junior Kalam Literary Meet in Kolkata – where we
shared my story and drew lots and lots of food.

Then off we went to Hippocampus Children’s Experience Centre in Bangalore, where both
Bijal and Priya once again told my story and then all the children learnt how to draw me! It
was so much fun. They made me laugh, scowl, cry (less fun), and laugh out loud in their
There were some nice people from Goodbooks who interviewed Bijal and Priya, but

strangely didn’t ask me any questions! Hello, I was right there. So rude, I tell you, these

creators, forgetting their muse.

Next up, we headed to Bookaroo Children’s Literature Festival – Mumbai. We first went to
Trilogy by the Eternal Library Bookstore and read my story and made lots of food monsters
and Neemas.

Then at the Bookaroo Doodle Wall, Bijal and the participants came up with some strange
names for food monsters – why would I want to eat a spikonster, even if it’s made out of
pineapples? – and Priya drew some spectacular food monsters. Okay, I changed my mind and
I totally would gobble up a spikonster. Then all the children draw tons of food monsters with
carrots, tomatoes, strawberries, and even broccoli.
Barely had we recovered from that, we packed our bags again for Bangalore this time to
Lightroom Bookstore in Bangalore. We are going to be making paper food baskets this time,
so join us?
Click on the poster for a larger view
In all of that, here are all seasonal food I managed to eat on my travels:
  • Grapes
  • Carrots
  • Ponkh
  • Undhiyu
  • Palm jaggery
  • Peas kachori
Don’t forget to let me know what are you eating today?
What’s Neema Eating Today : Read the book/ Buy the book

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