Exploring Science and Maths Through Stories

Sometimes, Maths and Science can be daunting for children. However, when concepts are presented in a fun and engaging manner, children find it easier to grasp and retain them. There is a dearth of simple, informative books for young readers and access to these books will help children in their learning journey. With support from Oracle, Pratham Books developed a special set of books exploring Science and Maths concepts with engaging narratives and eye-catching illustrations that will enrich the child’s current curriculum and be a useful classroom aid for the teachers. Last year, 100 Library kits with these books were distributed to multiple not-for-profits and schools across the country. We traveled to a few of our partner schools to see the impact these books were having which is documented in this video. 
Pratham Books would like to thank Oracle, Mantra Social Services, Florida English School and Communities Rising for their support to this film. 
We are also thankful to Sangeeta Velegar for the script for this film and Arjun Swaminathan Films for the production.

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