The Joy that September 8th Brings Us

International Literacy Day is celebrated on September 8th. By now everyone knows that because like every year this year too we made a LOT of noise about it. We concluded our ‘One Day,One Story’ event this year with over 2500 ?#?PBChamps joining us to conduct storytelling sessions across India and the world. Then came the big unveiling of our open source story platform StoryWeaver. And then we spotted that we reached another milestone – over 25,000 books have been donated on the Donate-a-Book platform.
September 8th brought us so much joy, that we decided to NOT stop celebrating for a while and extended the celebrations to our partners on Donate-a-Book as a little ‘Literacy Day’ surprise for them. We decided to give a bonus extension of 8 days to all the running campaigns- this means 8 extra days to raise  funds for books for young eager readers.

Here is a quick look at all the wonderful campaigns running on Donate-a-Book currently who need your support to build a reading India.
Agastya’s International Foundation’s library program aims to spark curiosity and creativity among economically underprivileged children of India, for which they need a well equipped library at their campus at Kuppam. The library serves children and teachers from the surrounding villages and provides a wide range of multi-lingual books and journals.
Angel’s Paradise English School is a low-income private school set up by Sahyog Trust. The students and teachers of the school based in Ahmedabad are trying to create a library with books in Hindi and English to enhance their love for books and learning process.
Akshara Foundation’s Library in a Chai Stall is a unique idea. They plan to set up 50 libraries in Chai stalls across Kushtagi and Mundargi in North Karnataka where kids could gather, connect, read and share. These libraries will serve over 2500 young readers across the area.  (fully funded)
Child Aid Foundation’s fund raising campaign is to equip the school library with vibrant books. In this school over 250 young boys and girls learn together at no cost.
BREAD Society has established over 140 Children’s libraries in multiple Government schools since 2009.These libraries are lending libraries where students borrow books to take home to read. Their parents and siblings also get to read the borrowed books. They are raising funds to add new books and replace excessively used copies.

Teach For India is a nationwide movement of outstanding college graduates and young professionals who commit two-years to teach full-time in under resourced schools and become lifelong leaders working from within various sectors towards the pursuit of equity in education. This battalion of young leaders are teaching and nurturing future leaders of the country in their own classrooms. Reading is an important step to independent thought and opinion and these young fellows from across the country are raising funds for libraries in their schools and classrooms to nurture this independence. The following list are campaigns run by Teach for India Fellows in different cities : 

Donate a book. Plant a Dream
Lets give them the joy of reading  (fully funded)
Arundathinagar readers as leaders Program

Our classroom library
Books are our best friends
Spread the joy of reading
Mission 350 kids : Listeners to Super Readers

Exploring the world through our library from North Chennai
Gift a book, Gift a Smile 🙂

Help us set-up the first library at St. Francis School
The happy books for a happy room

Ahmedabad :
Bhaiyya’s High Flyers

Make Kindness Contagious, Spread it!

Last, but definitely not the least are our 6 #FreedomtoRead campaigns which are raising funds for books in Marathi, Bengali, Kannada, Gujarati, Telugu and Urdu! (fully funded)
Celebrate International Literacy Day by sending out books to far way libraries and help story books find their way in little palms. Make September 8th more magical! 

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