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The Poster Presentation session at ECCE (Early Childhood Care and Education) conference in Delhi went off very well and our Poster, Story Cards and the ‘Library in a Classroom’ kit made a splash on the platform of Early Childhood Education.

During the three day conference, participants who visited the poster area, and attended the presentation session on the 29th were quite impressed by the quality, range and innovative ideas that Pratham Books had adopted.

Many groups working in early childhood education interacted with us. They were curious about our books, impressed by the multiple languages and wanted additional details for purchasing the same.
The idea behind our story cards, its book like feel and unbelievable price received a lot of appreciation. However, the star attraction of the show turned out to be our ‘Library in a Classroom’ kit specially after the presentation session on Wednesday.

‘Library in a Classroom’ bag

The ‘Stories in a bag’ idea clicked.  The number of books, choice of languages, free shipping and all the additional offerings were very well received.
The bag was almost magical!

A group of delegates from Bangladesh were so impressed that they took many pictures of the bag and said it will be very useful in their work. They were all the more happy when they got to know that we have books in Bengali and promised to buy a bunch of them once they get back.

Dr Eva Thorp, Associate professor, George Mason University and Dr Maxine Berntsen, Professor Emeritus, Tata Institute of Social Sciences were among the esteemed panelists for the poster presentation session. When we had the chance to connect with Dr. Eva appreciated the Indian-ness of our content and our efforts of reaching out to children while Dr Maxine was very happy with our story cards.

Many others appreciated Pratham Books and the overall model of publishing. We hope with this, and with many other supporters we are a step closer to achieving our mission – a book in every child’s hand.

Sandhya Taksale


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