Avalokite?vara Trust: Libraries in Ladakh

Via Avalokite?vara Trust’s Facebook Page

We have been following, with great interest the journey that the Avalokite?vara Trust has been on in setting up libraries across Ladakh.

From their Facebook page:

About: Avalokite?vara is the all-seeing Bodhisattva of compassion and patron saint of Himalayan Buddhists. The trust seeks inspiration from the sublime values of limitless compassion for all living beings at the heart of this tradition. 

Mission: The trust’s vision is to empower children with the gift of education, the joy of learning, bringing previously absent opportunities for a better overall quality of life in the region. The aim is to enhance the mental, emotional and psychological development of children within and beyond the education they receive at school, giving them the best possible foundation for the rest of their lives. 

Work: One of the key projects currently run under the umbrella of the Avalokite?vara Trust is FOUNTAIN OF LEARNING. Fountain of Learning a.k.a FOL, is an initiative to nurture and educate children in isolated villages of Ladakh. For the year 2012, FOL is setting up libraries in Ladakh, a remote ice desert region of the western Himalaya. FoL began with engagement in one or two local monastery schools, out of a concern with acts of loving kindness, creativity, connection and compassion and our children’s right to education. Since then, we have joined hands with other isolated and neglected schools across Ladakh, towards both the Indo-China and Indo-Pakistan borders.

We’ve been meaning to write about them for a while but never did get around to it. Since then, they have gone from one library to sixteen libraries! What’s more they have wonderful pictures up of each and every one of those libraries that you can see over on their Facebook page. Some of the views are just stunning!

And via Ashwin Nag on Twitter, we came across this rather lovely video on how a library is set up.

There are a few ways in which you can help:

  • Spreading and sharing their work
  • Collecting and gifting children’s books
  • Sponsoring a school library
  • Sponsoring a child.
  • Construction of a school/library
  • Volunteering, if you have training in Montessori methods, experience with young learners, consider yourself a selfless nurturer, love children’s books or are a natural story-teller. Please write to [email protected] with the subject-VOLUNTEER
  • To donate, please write with the subject- DONATE to the same email address above.
Follow them on Facebook and follow @abhigya_shukla on Twitter

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