Mobile Camel Cart Astronomy Exhibition

When we stumbled across Meena Kadri’s photographs on Flickr, we fell in love with them immediately. We have used some of her photographs to go along with our blog posts too. A few days ago we came across a post on her blog where she shared a details of a mobile camel cart exhibition on Astronomy which was travelling across villages in Gujarat.
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A former student of mine from the National Institute of Design in India, Kathan Kothari, was involved in a brilliant local initiative last month for the 100 Hours of Astronomy project which was observed simultaneously by countries across the globe.

He co-developed a mobile camel cart exhibition on Astronomy which visited villages, slums and local neighbourhoods in and around Ahmedabad, Gujarat. He was happy to report the enthusiastic reception by locals, especially children, for many of whom it was their first exposure to topics such the solar system, eclipses and celebrated Indian astronomers.

The cart and crew stayed overnight in villages during the 100 hours and held telescopic star-gazing sessions with enthralled locals. The initiative was accompanied by a radio broadcast which included activities that guided listeners to make basic astronomical instruments like a pinhole camera and a simple telescope. The project was later extended to further Gujarati locations and included quiz sessions and drawing competitions.

Read more about this initiative here. View pictures of the mobile camel cart exhibition here.

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