How the @DNA Newspaper Account Functions on Twitter

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The Daily News and Analysis (DNA) is a fairly popular daily English newspaper published in India. They were also one of the first newspapers to actively interact with users on Twitter.
  • I know you started the @DNA account after the 26/11 Mumbai attacks. How did you convince the decision making authorities to go in favour?

At the time, the DNA blogs were ‘under construction’, so I thought of starting a Twitter account as well. I initially created an account with the name @DNAIndia, as @DNA was not available, and started posting news updates. I informed the Resident Editor only when the account had 200 followers.

  • You have been very progressive, interacting with fellow tweeters, even retweeting the competition! Do you have any guidelines in place to run the account? If yes, what are those?

Unlike the competition, we use Twitter like a normal person would. Regarding retweeting the competition, does it make such a big difference? We are on Twitter to disseminate news, not to sell it. So if let’s say @IBNLive or @HeadlinesIndia post a breaking news story, we think there is nothing wrong in retweeting them. Plus DNA – the newspaper is more about analysis, than just breaking news.

  • Since you don’t use automated services like TwitterFeed to feed data into the account, how do you decide what needs to go out and what doesn’t?

That’s a tricky one. I keep scanning the wires and if I find something interesting, I post it. We have noticed that metro-specific news and political news are more popular in terms of replies, retweets, and clicks. Even really quirky stories get lots of responses. It’s like Digg in that way.

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