You Read, They Learn : Stories from Protsahan

On 1st May, Hindustan Times invited us to be part of their ‘You Read, They Learn’ campaign. Thousand of copies of our books got printed and were circulated in the Delhi, Gurgaon and NCR region. The stories could be read out to children who cannot read, are learning to read or given to children who cannot afford books.
Vartika Gupta from Protsahan sent us a short note about their storytelling session. Vartika Gupta is a Psychologist and an Arts Based Therapy Practitioner, working with Protsahan India Foundation as the Chief CSR Operations. She was in Pune working with chemically afflicted populations when Sonal, Founder Director of Protsahan called her to Delhi to work for/with the kids. Travelling, photography, music and her work are the four things she is passionate about. Her twitter account is @_blindmind

A bangle in her hand, the wheel of his car, my mom’s bindi, that chapatti in your lunch box, the sun on top, those donuts and these burgers. Every Circle has its own story and a story that can be fun too. We read together a story of GoloO with our children at Protsahan, who is a very useful circle in our everyday life, everywhere and all-around. Our children learned and explored that they should also study well and not get a circle in their report cards. A very sweet and short fun storytelling session inspired by Pratham Books made our children happieee to the core.


Protsahan India Foundation is a youth based international non-profit organization located in Delhi NCR that uses the innovative approaches of Design, Art, Digital Storytelling, Photography, Theater and Cinema to foster creative Education and Sustainable Livelihoods. 


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