Entries Invited for ‘Tibet: Voices in Exile’

The Foundation for Universal Responsibility of His Holiness The Dalai Lama is inviting contribution in the form of essays and poetry for a book titled ‘Tibet: Voices in Exile” which will be published by an international publisher.
Via furhhdl

We are looking for personal narratives and perspectives from Tibetans in exile in India and overseas. These could cover any concern, issue, reflection, memory or dreams exploring experiences, or predicaments that are personal, social or political. Authors can explore the past, the present or the future – both personal experiences in exile, of the Tibet left behind or the Tibet that might be, in the future. The canvas is wide open.
We are not looking for theoretical, academic pieces, rather those that reflect felt experiences and passions. We believe this has the potential to evolve into a major document both for the Tibetan cause and for history.

We are more interested in the sensitivity and nuances of the ideas, the richness of the content, rather than quality of the language or prose. All pieces selected for publication will be edited for clarity, if necessary, but will try and retain the texture of the authors writing.

We encourage contributions across different age groups, from school children to senior citizens, private citizens to those who have served the Tibetan Government or community.

Contributions will need to be in the form of essays in ENGLISH (of approx 2000 to 2500 words). We will also welcome poetry.

Find more details here. The deadline for submission of entries is December 15th 2009


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