Entries Invited for India’s First Self Published Comic Magazine

Comic Discussion Board of India (CDBi) and Pothi.com are inviting entries for COMIX.INDIA: a self published comic magazine.
Via Pothi

Concept and Rules of the magazine

1. COMIX.INDIA is a self-published magazine, in partnership with pothi.com, which is a website that prints and sells self-published books on a ‘print-on-demand’ basis. To learn more about selfpublishing and print-on-demand, please go to www.pothi.com .

2. There is no investment of money involved since the magazine is printed only when somebody orders it on pothi.com.

3. However, whenever a copy of the magazine is sold on their website, the profit generated is split equally between all the contributors. For example, if the magazine costs Rs.200, and the profit is Rs.50, this Rs.50 will be divided equally between all the comic authors. This is the earning for the author. Pothi.com will keep adding up the sales accounts of each author, and as and when a decent amount is reached, will send a cheque to each of them. Each author will have a pothi.com account so that he or she can keep track. This co-operative system means that each author is part ‘owner’ and ‘publisher’ of the magazine, and is entirely responsible for the magazine’s success. This is why the magazine is called ‘self-published’. The Editor and Designer are simply part of the authors of the magazine.

4. The copyright of individual contributions rests with the author. Neither CDBi nor pothi.com hold any copyrights over the magazine.

5. Another incentive for authors is that they can buy the magazine from pothi.com at a discounted ‘Author’s Price’. This allows authors to sell copies to others and pocket the profit. To clarify, this means that in this case the profit is not shared by all authors but will go to the author who put up the money to buy copies from pothi.com. Authors can order copies at ‘Author’s Price’ by logging into their accounts at pothi.com .

6. The authors for the first Volume of COMIX.INDIA will get a FREE COPY of the magazine from pothi.com.

7. Only members of CDBi are eligible to contribute comics to the magazine. So please register on the forum before sending work.

Read more about the concept and rules and regulations.

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