Books Gone Wild

Via British Council, Bangalore

As part of out 75th Anniversary celebrations, we have chosen 75 books with a British connection and we are releasing them in to the wild. We want each of them to travel around the city, country and even the world to create ‘book chains’ that link people together! You can be a part of it. Here’s what you do: 1.Go through the list of 75 titles. Select any one title that you would like to initiate your book chain with. Get back to us by 30 November 2009 with the

  • Serial number*: ……
  • Title*: …….
  • Your Email*: …….
  • Your Phone: ……..

2. We will select one reader for each book. If there are more than one readers interested in the same book we will pick the reader by lucky draw and hand over the book to them 3. Selected readers will be invited to a function that will be held in British Library, Bangalore, and the books will be presented 4. Once you have the book in hand you can log on to our website and enter the book-code given on the book to join the chain for that particular book Read the book 1. Visit us online again and tell us what you thought of the book 2. Once you’ve finished reading the book, pass it to a friend, colleague relative or even a stranger and tell them to follow these instructions too You can follow the book you have read, as well as others, as they travel around the city and beyond, find out what others thought of the different books! Exciting prizes to be won: Some lucky members of the longest book chains can win a kindle e-book reader and other goodies

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