Emails of Love

We all get dozens of emails in a day. But every once in a while, in the barrage of emails, there stands out one email that makes your day, week, month and gives you that ‘good’ feeling that all the other emails are worth it, all the work that you put in, actually makes a difference, however tiny it maybe.
We call such emails, emails of love 🙂
Sharing one such email below that Alok Singh from Teach for India sent to us after the books that he raised through his campaign at Donate-a-Book reached him and his classroom of 55 second graders.
Hey Payoshni!

I am writing to convey a small message to Pratham Books, on behalf of my kids.
It happened today morning, when I stepped in the class. Ayushi came up and said, “Bhaiya who has given us these books? Have you purchased it?” I said, “No these are funded, given by Pratham Books.” She, along with other few kids, said, “Acha!” again murmured something with her friends standing beside her and then turn towards me suggesting, “Then we should thank them, right na?” Further Saahil added, “Hum unhe return gift denge.” All at once said, ” Yes Bhaiya. We should.” Seeking an opportunity to teach them value of gratitude, I quickly assured them about it. Actually, I was also thinking of it but couldn’t end up on any idea.
Here is what they have made for Pratham Books.(pictures below)
I really enjoyed it. And these kids now feel more engaged, during school hours and more motivated to finish their work so that they can grab a book from library.
We are grateful to Pratham Books for providing such a wonderful opportunity to us.
P.S.:- Attached are few clicks from class.
P.S.S:- Thanks Payoshni and Team for that wonderful idea of ‘multi-lingual’ library. Parents are also enjoying, reading books for and with their kids at home.
Alok Singh

Fellow, Teach For India

See, what I mean? Here is what the children made for us:

And a few other pictures from the classroom-

Emails  of love makes the day brighter! As our Donate-a-Book platform continues to send books across to many schools, classrooms and reading centers and spread the joy of reading, we hope to see emails like this, every once in a while 🙂


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