The Top 5 Books of 2015

With all the end-of-the-year lists we come across during this time, we thought we would look into which books emerged as this year’s bestsellers at Pratham Books. And *drum roll please*…. all the books are books we launched this year! Time to add them to your ‘to buy’ lists if you don’t have a copy of them yet!

There is something that Hatchuram does that makes the whole town go topsy-turvy. Would you like to find out what it is? Buy this book.


Serpy wants to move in straight lines. But have you ever seen a snake move in a straight line? Serpy looks at the world around him and comes up with a straight answer! Buy this book.


The children of the village were scared of the big man, Pehelwaan ji. So when he wanted to play with them, they just had to let him play. Buy this book.


There is so much to see on a street. Join Sonu, Monu and Rina on a colourful walk down the lane. Buy this book.


Sonu, Monu and Rina discovered many things together in ‘Colours on the Street’. In this second book, the three friends set out tot play. Little did they know that they would meet so many animals. Would you like to meet them too? Buy this book.

And while you are thinking of buying these books, check out the 13 new books that have landed in our e-store and order your copies for the new year! Here’s to a year full of reading discoveries.

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