Opening a Book Together

“The kids couldn’t believe there was going to be a library in their school! First they kept asking whether a library was really going to be set up in their schools. When we said ‘Yes!´ their eyes widened and we could catch a sparkle dancing in their eyes. When they saw that we were arranging the books, they offered to help (and actually helped as well).” 

– Ruchi Dhona (Founder, Let’s Open a Book)
What a heartwarming reaction to receiving books! All made possible by the generous donations to the campaign ‘Let’s Open a Book‘ started on our crowdfunding platform Donate-a-Book.

‘Let’s Open a Book’ was founded in January 2015. The idea came up when they started working on reviving an under-utilized library on an NGO campus. 
Since then, they have helped 15 government schools in Gurgaon and Spiti valley set up libraries on their campus, directly reaching over 1000 children. 
The Library-in-a-classroom kits are being given to those schools which do not have any existing libraries. Children can borrow books from these libraries to read. They also carry out fun activities such as read alouds, storytelling etc. 
When asked about the ease of setting up the campaign on our platform, Ruchi said “It was a very good experience as we could conveniently set up a books donation drive and send the link to people. It was really quite easy to set up the campaign”
Here is a little snapshot of where our books have reached :

Let’s Open a Book is aiming to reach 20 more schools in Spiti Valley this year. Help them reach their target by making a small donation towards their campaign on Donate-a-Book. Let us join hands together and help kids open a book!

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