Dreaming of a Better India

Nine year old Pragati Natwar sends in her entry for the ‘Mumtaz Embroiders her Dreams’ contest. If you are a child between the ages of 8-14 years, tell us about your dream and participate in the contest (read more about the contest here).

Its true dream and now a wish to web a paradise across country and create India as “GODS OWN COUNTRY”. Why not we all dream in same way and rediscover a most beautiful and peaceful place to live. To achieve this we need not to grow ,we can just start progressing now itself. Here are few steps to climb the ladder and I am sure one would appreciate these steps.
1. Connecting all the rivers across India and making like a web of rivers so that no where drought no where flood.
2. Making rainwater harvesting compulsary.
3. Not allowing to disturb waterbodies by any means, making sure that no outlets of any factory is directly opening in waterbodies without going through watertreatment plant.
4. Protecting the environment by diverting the outlets of smoke into chemical treatment plant and making lesser and lesser green house gases % into atmosphere.
5. Protecting the wildlife from getting extinct.
6. Making compulsary CNG vehicle.
7. Generating more and more energy, using nonconventionaal energy sources like wind energy, solar energy,hydroelectricity.
8. Encouraging people to prefer solar cooker and likewise use more and more Sun’s heat.
9. Encourage people to practicise 3Rs in their day-to-day life (reduce, reuse, recycle)
10. Encourage people to use pollution free modes of transport like cycle, rickshaw etc.
11. Work in the direction of disaster management.
12. Minimize the sound pollution by making certain applicable rules and encouraging people to follow them.
13. Protecting existing trees and planting more and more trees.
I need all of your support to fulfill my dream. Lets join hands to make this dream come true and turn towards reality and make India more greener, prosperous and healthier.

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Image Source : Indu Harikumar

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