Ambitious Dreams

Some of the interesting dreams we’ve received for the ‘Mumtaz Embroiders Her Dreams’ contest this week include…

Nandhika Nambi’s extravagant dream (as she calls it that herself):

My dream (a rather extravagant one, I must warn you)
Why is it that the one thing grownups are always interested in knowing is what you aspire to become. If you say doctor, you get an approving smile. For saying engineer, your response is nothing but a disapproving look as then apparently; you are taking the easy way out. For an accountant, all you receive is an indifferent look. As for those with other ‘out of the ordinary’ dreams. I suggest you don’t even mention them.
You can imagine which category my dream of being a musician come writer fits in. I did summon the courage to announce my decision at a family gathering once and they looked at me like I was mad. Things have never been the same since.
Moving on, as I said, I want to be a musician come writer. Please don’t frown. I love music and am learning three instruments, the piano, the drums and the recorder (a type of flute). Music is my life and so is writing. I’ve published two books so far. And out of all the things I’ve tried, these two are definitely top of the list.
Unless I try something like ice skating or ballet or maybe deep sea diving, things might change. But after all I’m only fourteen, and I can’t wait to see whatever life has in store for me, whatever it may be.

Soumya Sundaresh has multiple dreams – not only for herself, but also for her country and the world :

My dream is to sponsor the expenses of a girl child in an orphanage. I want to ensure that she gets education, nutritious food and a comfortable place to stay. In the end she must grow up to be a good citizen.
My dream for India is to end poverty and child labour, school and collages for all at an affordable cost. Everybody will have the right to education until graduation. India’s ever-growing population should slow down, because of which there will be lesser demand for fossil fuels and natural resources, more forests for our birds and beasts.
My dream for the world is to reduce greenhouse gasses and consequent global warming. I want everybody to be aware of his or her role in keeping our environment clean. The attitude that encourages to do wrong, just because others do it without getting caught, must go! I wish somebody capable of doing all this hears my dreams and fulfils them!

Malini Srikrishna’s dreams of better lives for little girls just like her :

As a girl starting her teenage years, I have gone through many phases. At a point of time I wanted to die. Then the next moment I was happy to be alive. Anger, jealousy, hatred, love and passion are only few of the emotions that I have felt. Yet, people call me lucky. Lucky to have a roof to sleep under. Lucky to go to a good school. Lucky to have a family. That, I am. But many girls don’t have any of these things. Many feel themselves lucky to even have a morsel of food to get by in the day. Happiness is a state of mind even the richest sometimes don’t feel but those girls begging on the roadside feel happy when they hear the clink of coins on their little palms. My dream is that all those girls get a good education. My dream is they get a family to support them. My dream is to see them living in a house, not on the dirty disease ridden streets. My dream is that all these dreams come true and those girls can finally be happy, like everyone deserves to be.

Swetha Menon’s dream deals with eradicating one of the world’s biggest problems – poverty!
My dream is to have no poverty in India.
If all the poor people in India were to have a minimum day’s meal, my dream would come true . I have always believed that people should not be deprived of basic amenities like shelter, food , water,clothes , education etc. If I were to see a smile on their face, it would mean that they are blessed. I am sure every citizen in our country can be kind enough to contribute to the poor and needy and this can bring in so much of happiness everywhere. The society is categorized under 3 sections- The Rich, The Middle class and The Poor. The rich have everything. If the rich and the middle class had to contribute to even a small share of their wealth and food to the poor, the world would have been such a wonderful place. People waste so much of food, while the poor literally wish for a morsel .There are under privileged, disabled, orphans in India who do not have money to study and they can only dream that they can have a peaceful and happy future .
Can we all contribute and make this possible and make my dream into a reality ?
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Image Source : Meena Kadri


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