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What do children dream of? To celebrate our new book ‘Mumtaz Embroiders Her Dreams’, we were asking children this very question through a contest. Several children across the country sent in their dreams and you can read all of them here. These are just a few of the ambitious dreams that fill the minds of children …
Mariam Varkey’s Dream
My dream is to publish a book. I had this dream since the past one year. My book would be about a group of 8 children about 12 years old who belong to a magical kingdom called Sun Kingdom. They don’t know this until they are 11.The story continues when they get used to this while keeping a secret from everyone else. If I get one book published, I would be more than delighted to write a whole series.
Why It Is Important To Me
I am only 12 years old. Writing is something that keeps me busy. I love to write and I love to read. My literature is ‘good’ as my teacher says and it is a dream job. My favorite authors are Enid Blyton, Jeff Kinney, Ann M Martin, Anne Digby, Mary Pope Osborne and Kimberly Greene. I am now writing 3 stories simultaneously, one with a friend and 2 on my own. At times I feel I cannot do this on my own and as if i need somebody to guide me. I also love to write poems and collect well-written articles. I also dream to be a journalist someday.
Sai Darshini’s Dream
Visiting the future

Once there was a boy called Amit who had interest in reading detective novels and stories about alien attacks.
One night around 12:15 AM Amit was reading thriller when he saw a beam of light entering his room from the window. He went down to his garden and saw a UFO landing on the ground. He was very surprised and shocked at what he saw. It was an alien looking like a man, who came out of the UFO. He introduced himself as Baritone.
“My name is Amit, Nice to meet you.” Amit replied.
Baritone asked Amit to visit his Planet because he wanted to study human behavior on his Planet. Amit agreed and they set off to Baritone’s Planet. Amit was flooding with questions. When they were reaching, Baritone said “Earthling Amit we are nearing our planet. “Get ready by wearing this oxygen mask”. “But I already have a nose and so do you, Why do we need these?” asked Amit. Baritone replied, “There is no oxygen left on our planet. So you have to wear them” and gave the oxygen mask to Amit.
They got down from the UFO as they had reached the planet. Amit looked around the place. It was a desert with rocks and craters. “Baritone, what happened to your planet? It looks so deserted.” Baritone replied, “50,000 years back we had many wars. People were fighting and killing each other. There was despair and violence everywhere. We used up all our resources. Now only few of us are left on this planet.” “This ruled paper and lead writing device are the very last of our resources” said Baritone showing an ordinary pencil and notebook. Amit wondered “If that is a book and pencil, they must have had trees here.
“Baritone, is it night now?” Amit asked. Baritone replied “It has been night for a long time. Our star stopped shining ages back. I don’t think we will ever have day again.” He said sadly. He asked Amit “What is your planet like?” Amit replied “Our planet Earth has resources like wind, water, soil, green trees, fresh grass, tall buildings, and we have many beautiful animals, birds, insects and earthlings look different, not like you.” Baritone sighed “we didn’t always look like this. Because our star stopped shining, we changed color and looks to adapt to our surroundings.”Amit felt very sad and sorry for Baritone and the people of his planet. “I feel very sorry for you, Baritone. I really wished you had another chance” Amit said and he started to leave from Baritone’s planet. Baritone was very silent in the return journey and so was Amit. When Baritone was about to leave Earth, Amit asked “Hey Baritone, I forgot to ask you; what is your planet’s name?” “Do not ask me for you already know the name of my planet. Farewell,
my friend” said Baritone and he took off to his planet. Very early in the morning, Amit thought about Baritone had said: Amit knows Baritone’s planet’s name. He thought hard. He suddenly exclaimed “I got it! Baritone was talking about Earth! I visited the future! It will become a deserted planet over the years unless……
Around 7:00 AM that day, Amit’s mom found him in the garden. “What are you doing? Amit replied “planting a tree and saving the Earth ma!”
Amit did not know wether the dream was real or not dream was real or not; it affected him in some way, whatever happened.
So friends, we do not want our planet to become so bad in the future. After all we have the rights to live a good life.So friends, plant a tree and save the Earth for our future!
Namrata R’s Dream
My dream is very simple. I want to lead my country , lead my country to glory unparalleled, envied by one and all. I dream to showcase the potential of my country rather than harp on our past glory. I have more faith in succeeding by learning from errors.. I am assertive that we, the young population can change the destiny of our country, root out evils eating way the fabric of our nation. Leadership is about creating a way for people to contribute something for extraordinary to happen. I strongly believe that being a girl only adds to positives in leadership quality. I think we are more assertive and persuasive, with a stronger need to get things done and are more willing to take risks than others. We are more flexible, as well as stronger in interpersonal skills than men. Women leaders are able to bring others around to their point of view….because they genuinely understand and care about where others are coming from. Born to lead is my motto. I don’t like to give up. I learn from my failures and they only empower me to win and do better. We need to unite and make change in the life of communities. Good leaders are the need of the hour, to make a difference in the world…. be principled about values that really matter.
Being a leader is one of the most rewarding careers you can ever do. Not only is the work interesting and challenging, but you are impacting the direction of many people and the direction of your country. You are able to see that you are making a difference in something very big. I don’t believe in begging for a change, I want to be the change, I want to be the gentle cool breeze of harmony and peace, at the same time be a gusty whirlwind to uproot the evils on my journey to realize my dream. I dare.
Nayantara Ghosh’s Dream

Even though I hope to become an aspiring author someda, one dream comes ahead of that. I hope that someday some way every person at or below the poverty line shall rise up and help the weak and that the weak will help the disabled and that in the end we will all support each other. I want every child and adult to be educated and aware of all the hardships some people face and are alone in the world. Left alone to fend for themselves in this cruel world. yet everyday they face a new day not knowing when they will eat there next meal. We are very privileged bunch. Perhaps we will never have a hospital block named after us or know the difference between real Italian marble and an imitation but we are still privileged. So why not help the less fortunate . This is my dream for our world. We can achieve even the impossible.

Nishchitha N Rao’s Dream
We are all born with empty hands, sometimes with silver spoons, but with lots of dreams. Dreaming is a tour with vision, for which sky is the limit, dreaming about something and literally it has to be achieved which is going to be stupendous task for anybody.
Being an Indian the responsibilities are more, like bringing down the ratio of problems, like overpopulation, poverty, unemployment, corruption, curbing bureaucracy at every level wherever not required, eradicating bribery, banning dowry, bringing down the crime rate. With all these an Indian lady can independently walk on the Indian streets irrespective of the time.
Tamara’s Dream

When just 8 in a friend’s house I saw a wooden piece with 3 monkeys saying “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil”. I asked my mum the meaning of EVIL. Now at 11, I say in my dream “Don’t close your EYES — find outthe difference between GOOD AND EVIL, don’t close your EARS–hear the GOOD avoid the EVIL, dont close your mouth–talk when you should SPEAK when you MUST. Our world as I SEE IS BEAUTIFUL—-GODS CREATIONS—the variety of flowers in all colours, the butterflies, the birds in all sizes all colours, the rainbow with with 7 lovely colours, the hills and valleys-, the tiny lovable puppies, kittens, tiger cubs, the peacocks, hear the sound of the sea, the rain —-MY DREAM.

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