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Vasudha Gokhale is a pediatric physiotherapist from Pune and works for children with special needs. She introduces a lot of fun and life into the otherwise mechanical and boring physiotherapy sessions. She talks a lot to the children, tells them stories, celebrates birthdays, introduces a lot of toys, music and books, during her therapy sessions. The children are very happy with this play way method and actually look forward to these sessions.
Vasudha recently experimented with some of our books at her clinic. She shares her experience with us:
Children are full of energy. What children love a lot is “playing and exploring the environment”. This way they are learning all the time through all their senses. This is true even for children with special needs.

“Therapy which includes exercises” is a very important aspect of life of children with special needs. Everybody knows that exercises are good for healthy life, but how many of us do it religiously? If this is the case with “normal adults”, just imagine how challenging it would be for a pediatric physiotherapist to make exercise a part of the routine life for children with physical challenges.
But instead of molding a child to therapy, if therapy is molded for child’s needs, bearing in mind “Children come first, disAbility comes second”, children accept therapy very well. How? When therapy is coated in the form of play or fulfilled activity, giving them “just right” challenges which they can handle and creating novelty every time and delivered with full of energy, children enjoy therapy a lot and look forward to therapy sessions. To make therapy sessions interesting for children, therapists use all the adjuncts like music, toys, and books. Different faculties use books with so many different objectives with a variety of children who are of different age groups and have different problems.
When I came across “Pratham Books”, I myself enjoyed those books a lot and the next thing came in to my mind was appropriateness of these books for our children population. In our clinical set up, where we therapists see so many children daily, I found these books so appropriate to use not only in the waiting area but even during therapy session. The size of the book is very apt for children with physical challenges to handle by themselves or with minimal assistance when they are performing some tasks like cycling or standing in standing frame. Children loved these books because of the big colorful pictures. The good quality of these books is so important because books are handled by so many children who come daily to the clinic. The best part is affordable price – so you can buy more and more number of books which can be used in the clinic and also can be given intermittently to children as a small gift after achieving the set goal.

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