Baseball Match + Maths and Science + Mobile Phones = Learning

Technology is now reaching you almost anywhere and everywhere. Imagine sitting in a stadium, watching a cricket/football match and then getting a chance to learn maths and science through the sport you are passionate about. Wouldn’t that be an easier way to understand these concepts which otherwise boggled our minds during school and college? Thanks to a new idea, learning maths and science at a baseball match has become a reality. And how? Through your mobile phone, of course

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The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation and Hot Lava Software, Inc. are changing the way Minor league and Independent league baseball relates to its fans. Dubbed, The Sports Bytes Competition, baseball fans are able to learn the science behind the sport through the use of mobile learning. Fans attending the game will have the opportunity to not only see a homerun hit, but learn how friction and drag affect the path of a baseball traveled. Although many learning institutions have attempted to teach science through the use of sports, Kauffman and Hot Lava are taking mobile learning inside the stadiums for fans to use their mobile devices to deliver on-demand Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education that is accessible and captivating.
Throughout July and August 2008, select stadiums around the country will run in-game promotions. A quirky looking professor—the announcer—motivates fans wearing his white lab coat, chemistry goggles, and mad scientist hair when he leaps upon the dugout. His Sports Bytes announcement encourages fans to take out their cell phones and participate by interacting with a Sports Bytes module and quiz items about the science behind baseball. Getting started is as easy as sending a text message to “83960” with the word “onpoint” in the text message body. Hot Lava responds with an auto response text message to the fan’s mobile phone that enables the fan to access the Sports Bytes module.

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