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Uh oh, we’ve spotted this link a little late, but the last date for entries is 15th June, 2011! So, kiddos…time to hurry up and send in your entries for this fun contest that Anorak Magazine is running.
Via Anorak
At Anorak, we love writing stories. All sorts of stories. About knees that talk, about umbrellas that get annoyed about the sunshine or even about beasts that like a rhyme. We know our little editors write great stories because we have featured a few of them in the past and they have been fantabulous!
With this in mind, we are extremely excited to launch a very special Anorak Writing Competition, in collaboration with our lovely friends at Tate and Bic Pens and Boys & Girls. and Nintendo DS .
Open to all kids aged 13 and under from around the world, your submissions need to include the word HAPPY (once is enough), should be a minimum of 30 words but a maximum of 350 words, need to have for theme either FOOD or TOYS and can be as whacky, funny, witty, cruel, touching, silly, quirky as you wish. Anything else, we leave up to your imagination and undoubtedly fantabulous writing skills. Get scribbling!

What do you win? We will pick two overall winners: one per category (food/toys). The winning stories will then be part of another competition aimed at art students from around the world to illustrate it. Details of that competition will come later. Once illustrated these stories will be published in Anorak magazine and will also be included in our iPhone App. And if that wasn’t enough, Tate are giving away £50 to spend on their online story, Bic plenty of wonderful pens, Boys & Girls a bright and colourful outfit and Nintendo DS a copy of Art Academy.

Click here for more details.

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