World Storytelling Day Through Pictures

Finally… *drum roll please*…. *some trumpet sounds too please*…

Pictures from the World Storytelling Day Event (Don’t know what that is? Find out here and here)

The venue for the World Storytelling Day event in Bangalore : Akshara library in Annasandrapalya.

The storytellers for the event: with the librarian of the Akshara library: Sharada, Mufeida, Varsha, Pankaja (the librarian), Lohit, Ajay, Ajmal, Murshida.

Children getting ready to talk to their friends at Central Manor.

And then the reading began…

and more reading…

and some more reading….

After all the reading, the question and answer session began and the kids loved it.

After exchanging questions and learning a little bit about each other, the kids at the Akshara library closed the session by singing the national anthem.

See more pictures on our Flickr photostream.


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