Why Restrict Yourself to One Dream?

Anushka Sundaresh sends us her entry for the ‘Mumtaz Embroiders Her Dreams’ contest and writes about the multiple dreams she has :
Have you thought what you would become when you grow up?

I have thought of my ambition. I always like to daydream about my ambition. My father is very good at Maths and Science. He used to tell me about his childhood days and talk about IIT. From that day onwards my dream was to join IIT. But at present my aim is to do well in olympiads another all India exam for students. I also want to top in maths at school. I also have many other plans for the future. I also play table tennis and also am good at it. Some of the players of my club has reached the headlines in the newspaper.

Whenever my coach tells us to play like them I see my name and photo in the newspaper through the vision of my eye which sees future. After I pass my IIT I want to work for a year or so untill I have money to start my own company. I want my company to be the best company in the whole world. I also want to open museum, set up math and science parks and libraries. I also want to invent something which is useful in our daily life like the electric bulb.

You can read all the entries we received for the contest here.

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