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Sharing some more of the entries we’ve received for the ‘Mumtaz Embroiders Her Dreams’ contest.
Ten year old Roopal Kondepudi nurses a dream of becoming an author:
I dream to become an author one day. I have an astonishing sense of description and I have a lot of creativity. When I write a story, you can imagine every single aspect and detail of what is happening to the characters and you almost feel as if you are the character. I want to write children’s books so unpriviledged children can enjoy reading their hearts out, whenever they would like to. I enjoy writing poems. The inspiration comes from everyday things, like teachers, school, books, and dawn. I write the best poems about things that people don’t talk about everyday, like Gandhi, Peace, and pieces of famous art, like Three Musicians by Pablo Picasso. Here is an example of my poetry:

Mona Lisa

So alive
So divine
So beautiful
Yet why does she not smile a real smile?
I have never seen her in person
But I know she is the most beautiful lady of all time
What Da Vinci code have we
Forced upon her?
Curiosity from today’s art lovers
Have pushed dear Leonardo
Too far
Yet Mona Lisa
As someone
We will never forget
Leonardo has passed
But the Mona Lisa
Always will be

Shruthi’s dream is to join the civil services. But read on to find out who inspires her to do so.
I would become a doctor….. I would become the future engineer….. My dream is to become the prime minister…. and after lots of such discussions I have firmly decided that I will become an I.A.S officer.
The lavish and luxurious life of the collector, or the prime minister p.a always fascinates me and make me to think that I will become an I.A.S officer.
There is a very enormous scope in the field of administrative services. You can become the P.A of the prime minister, or the head of five villages, then the district collector and many more posts are there in the field of administrative services. That is why I am determined on my decision of being the future I.A.S officer.
Although it is a very tough field, I would not give up and many persons are there ready to help me and solve my problems, but the person who helps me every time, whenever, I face any problem , is MY FATHER. He helps me every time and in every field and in subjects and it is very difficult to believe that he is always right. This makes me proud that my father is a multifaceted personality. This gives me more confidence that I would never fail if my father is always with me.

And looks like Prachi Sharma has been bitten by the travelling bug …

My dream is all about traveling. I have been fond of traveling since I was a small girl. I want to have a tour to the United States. I am so much fascinated by the lifestyle there. Also I want to travel to Venice. I think its Gondolas are very beautiful. Venice is just a dreamy city. I would like to travel to some other places like Switzerland to eat loads of chocolates as I am very fond of Swiss chocolates. And a whole tour to South America will just fulfill a big part of my dream. I think some people are more fond of traveling than the others. I have been o a tour to Karnataka recently from the school. And I am also very fond of photography and I click so many pictures when I’m on any tour. So please help me make my dreams come true as soon as possible.

You can read all the other entries sent by other children over here.

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