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One of our blog posts mentioned a book called “”Thanks and Have Fun Running the Country: Kids’ Letters to President Obama“. Some of the letters written by the kids to President Obama were funny, some were simple and some just made you go “awww”. One thing which kids possess more than adults is their ‘spontaneity’ and their ability to not shoot down ideas because they sound silly. This post is about what kids want.

Via Dark Roasted Blend:

“What would you like to get as a present?” – Russian magazine Bolshoi Gorod asked 3 to 9 year old children this simple question, and got a few surprising answers (here are some highlights, illustrated by Timur Akhmetov, and translated by DRB).

The Wish-Fulfillment Machine
by Anna Perrole, 9 year old

Definitely a product of “wishful thinking”, this appliance would be painted yellow, have dinosaur bone ornamentation, and resemble a washing machine. All you need to do is stick your head into the round opening, feel weightlessness, and make a wish.A gun that kills bad thoughts
Artem Bulavin, 9, Yulia Romanova, 6

It would be a laser weapon that would kill all bad thoughts, intentions and all bad ideas.Quantum-Portal High Chair
Nina Deniskina, 4 year old

A special booster / high chair: when somebody feeds you cereal while you sit on it, all the food bites would disappear right at your mouth, and you would not need to actually eat it.
“A Box with Your Clone Inside” (that would just go to school instead of you) and “A Bed with Human Feet” for easy transportation in the morning:

Neuron Regeneration Tree
Yulia Sobolevskaya, 5.5 year old

“I want to plant a seed of the tree that grows brain cells. I will grow it in a pot and give to my grandma – she always says that brain cells don’t regenerate.”

Take a look at some of the other things the kids came up with.

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