Pratham Books activity at Crossword, Bangalore

Where does salt come from? Why did Gandhiji make salt at Dandi? Did Gandhiji like groundnuts or fruits? A group of children had a wonderful time finding out answers to these and many more questions at an event held to mark Gandhiji’s 61st martyrdom anniversary. The event was organized by Pratham Books at Crossword Bookstore, Bangalore. The event also showcased Subhadra Sengupta’s book ‘A Man Called Bapu’ published by Pratham Books.

Sculptor and founder of Bornfree Art School, John Devaraj, and his students regaled the children with happy songs that brought home the message of peace and friendship. The children joined in the chorus. The artist and his wards spoke briefly about their cycling trip to the Wagah border. En route to Pakistan, the ‘Peacebycycle’ group interacted with local people, performed street plays, wrote letters of peace, and even made salt on the beach at Dandi, just the way Gandhiji and his followers did so many years back. The little children at Crossword watched with great excitement as the Pratham Books team made salt in front of their eyes! Journalist and editor Mala Kumar read from the book and engaged the children in a pleasant game of ‘Gandhiji’s Favorite Things’.

‘A Man Called Bapu’ and several other titles published by Pratham Books are now available at the children’s books counter in the Crossword Bookstore, Residency Road, Bangalore.

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