Watch Stories As They Get Illustrated

It is fun to watch the witch whizz past on her broom, the dog run around in circles, the greedy kid polish off all the chocolates, but it is more fun to watch all this happen while the artist creates these characters across your screen. A dab of yellow paint here, seven straight lines there, and voila – Goldilocks arrives!

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Una mà de contes is an online archive of an illustrated children’s television program from Catalan television.

Joan M. Mas writes: The title is a wordplay sounding just like ‘mar de contes’ (a sea of tales; in catalan this expression ‘a sea of…’ means a lot of something), while the real title of the show, Mà de contes is ‘a hand of tales’ for the reason explained here: In each episode a children’s tale is narrated while on screen it is painted, drawn, modelled or collaged by different illustrators or artists. A feast for illustration lovers. The archive is organized by technique, title, artist… and you can see the whole episodes. If you feel like playing, there is even a story builder with texts and images.While the site is not in English, you can easily turn on English audio and/or subtitles for each tale. Fun!

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