The What on Earth? Wallbook Comes to India

What on Earth?
Connecting together the dots of the past…

The What On Earth? Wallbook is a way of presenting a big picture to people – young and

old alike – so their minds can roam freely and stand back in awe at the most extraordinary

story of all – far more incredible than any fantasy or fiction – the story of the Universe and

our home, the planet Earth, over 13.7 billion years!

Imagine a book that will be your guide – in pictures and words – where you don’t have to

start at the beginning and read to the end following the suggested path of an unknown

author! No, you can start in the middle or wherever your interests lie and read left, right,

up or down – without ever getting lost because of the timeline beneath! This is more what

nature intended, because you may go wherever your curiosity leads!

And how about unfolding the book? No need to put it on a shelf like other books – you

can hang it on a wall or spread it out on a table or a floor so several people can explore it

and learn together, spotting things as they go, commenting, discussing, talking, debating…

Instead of learning about our planet under different subjects like history, geography science

and social studies, here is a book that allows the reader to look at this amazing world as

one, huge, fantastic place – you can read about when the one-celled organism was born,

when wars were fought, where scientific discoveries were made, what was happening in

different parts of the world at a given time and which leader changed the world, in different

periods in the life of our world.

Pratham Books presents the Wallbook to Indian children through a series of exciting events.

Christopher Lloyd will be in Delhi and Jaipur from Jan 21-26 th and the Indian Wallbook will

be first released at St Mary’s School in Safdarjang Enclave in New Delhi on 21 st Jan, 2013.

The children of Springdales, Maxfort School Delhi also will enjoy an amazing interactive hour

with Chris on 22nd January, 2013. 

Jaipur is not far behind where Chris will regale the children with his time travelogue on Jan

24-25th, 2013 at MGD Girls School & Neerja Modi School. His session in the Young Adult

workshop on 25th Jan at 2.15 pm at the Jaipur Literature festival promises to be a moveable

feast for young and old alike.

(P.S – this video is not of the Indian wallbook. The Indian version of the What on Earth? Wallbook refers to Indian facts too).
Christopher Lloyd, author of the Wallbook, is the founder of What on Earth Publishing

Ltd. He has a double first class degree in History from Cambridge University. He and his

wife Virginia home educated their two daughters stimulating him to write books on Big

History, trying to connect subjects together through narrative and visualization. Christopher

is an author and journalist, and lectures all over the world. 

Andy Forshaw, illustrator of the Wallbook, graduated from London’s Central St.

Martins with a degree in Graphic Design. He has illustrated internationally for clients

including Bloomsbury Publishing, The Natural History Museum, Time Out New York & The

Guardian. He has helped to define the illustrated style of all the ‘What On Earth’ books. 

Pratham Books brings this excitement to

Indian children, as always at an affordable price of Rs 125/-only. Eight full colour panels

with a variety of illustrations and text carry information in different streams on all aspects of

our planet while an engaging back narrative connects the dots to give a composite picture of

What on Earth has been happening in our Universe. What better way to introduce children

to the most fantastic story of all-the story of our planet and its people?


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