Twitter Chat with author Christopher Lloyd : On the Indian Wallbook and More …

The What on Earth? Wallbook is finally here!

We are highly pleased to inform you that Christopher Lloyd, author of the book, is currently in India and travelling with our team to schools and showing kids this new version of his book! Read more about the book here.
Join us for a Twitter chat with Christopher as he tells us more about this book.
Date : 23rd January, 2013
Time : 3.30 pm – 4:30 pm
Christopher will be tweeting from the @wallbook handle while we will be using the @prathambooks handle. Send in your tweets and questions with the hashtag #Wallbook.

Here’s a short clip of what the Wallbook looks like :

(P.S – this video is not of the Indian version of the What on Earth? Wallbook. The Indian version of the is a slightly varied version of this book).

Pratham Books brings this excitement to Indian children, as always at an affordable price of Rs 125/-only. Eight full colour panels with a variety of illustrations and text carry information in different streams on all aspects of our planet while an engaging back narrative connects the dots to give a composite picture of What on Earth has been happening in our Universe. What better way to introduce children to the most fantastic story of all-the story of our planet and its people?

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