Uplifting news from CBSE!

We’re delighted to see many of our books in the CBSE list of recommended books for children. Thanks to all the authors, illustrators, translators and others who have made it possible for us to publish these books!

For the past few years, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has been sending out circulars to schools highlighting the need for promoting the reading habit among children. “With the introduction of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation right from the primary classes, the importance of fostering interest for reading books among children of all ages has increased. It is essential that schools impress upon the children that reading good books apart from the prescribed text books not only widens their horizon but also uplifts their spirit by instilling in them higher values,” says a letter from CBSE.

The CBSE list covers a wide range of subjects, and books have been selected to help children in their holistic development. Of the 291 books on the CBSE list, 68 are from Pratham Books, the largest from a single publisher.We’re happy to see books from publishers like Eklavya, A & A Book Trust, Tulika, Centre For Learning Resources,and others. Now we hope more and more children across the country will be reading books for enrichment and enjoyment.

Congratulations to all our friends, authors, illustrators, translators, reviewers and designers for being with us on our mission to ‘see a book in every child’s hand’. Check out the full list of selected books here. And check out the books at our store here.


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