The book bond : Fat King Thin Dog

When Priya Mani introduced her son to  Fat King and Thin Dog she noticed  a bond develop between him and the book.

‘Fat King Thin Dog’ from Pratham Books has a simple, uncluttered storyline. It caught Ashwath’s fancy in a way no other book had this far. Naturally, the book was a winner in my eyes.I narrated the story to him – sound effects, animation, et al – and he loved it. Over time, I was delighted to see the attention that he lavished on the book.He would sit at his table, looking intently at the pictures. Sometimes, even burying his nose in them.I watched with barely concealed pride his growing fondness for the book. For the way he plopped himself on my lap to listen to the story, fervour undiminished.Then the attention got a little personal.He began seeking out the book. Like a dear companion, a favourite teddy. Tugging it out from my careful hands.
She documents her son’s delightful friendship with the book here :



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