A Sleepover at the Library – Stuffed Animal-Style!

Stuffed Animal Sleepover

The Association for Library Service to Children (ALSC) blog features a post written by Kris Lill about a wonderful library programme.

This has been our experience with our Stuffed Animal Sleepover programs. Yes, that’s right! We have a sleepover at the library — but just for stuffed animals.
Basically, it works like this: children are invited to bring their stuffed animals to the library for a bedtime storytime. During storytime, we encourage children to help their stuffed animals listen to the stories and say the rhymes together. As storytime comes to a close, we sing a lullaby and pass out board books for the children to read a bedtime story one-on-one with their stuffed friends. Finally, the children tuck their animals into “bed” (I spread a couple of blankets on the floor), say goodnight, and go home.
The next day, children pick up their stuffed friends, along with a craft item their animals “made” and a memory book of their animals’ overnight adventures in the library. The memory book includes a link to more pictures we’ve posted on the library’s Flickr account.
The first time we held this program, I was amazed by the strong reaction we got – from both children AND their adults. Children were excited to get their animals back, and to look at the pictures of their overnight adventures in the library. They were very interested in seeing the different locations within the library their animals visited – one child even walked around the library with his photo-book, looking for the exact spot in which his animal’s photos were taken!

Read the entire post here.


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