Regional Language Books for Kids – Our Books On Another List

The folks at The Alternative and Lakshmi Subodh (from Atta Galatta)  have curated a list of ‘25 regional language books for kids‘. 9 of our books find mention on this list. Here goes…
The baby in this book hears so many interesting sounds around her. Can you hear them too?

Khaidi has a very special car that takes him to many places. Droomm… he drives wherever he wants to to go. Come, join him on a drive around the world. 
A wonderful introduction to the most complete of all the shapes, the circle.
This book attempts to demystify important scientific concepts through the medium of storytelling. Buy the book
Sringeri Srinivas had very long hair. He wanted it cut on Annual Haircut Day. Everyone was busy. You will never guess who helped him that day!
Once Upon An India, has four beautiful books featuring children from different eras in Indian history as their main protagonists. This book is part of this series.
Long long ago, there lived in Norway a grumpy, grouchy farmer called Gloomy Gus. Gloomy Gus was not just a grouch—he was arrogant too, and believed he was smarter than everybody else, especially his wife.
Nine year old Chuskit longed to go to school, to make friends, learn math and play games. But she could not …. until Adbul decided to do something about it.
See the entire list of books on The Alternative.
Which of our books are a big hit in your house?

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