Reading Ideas for the Child Who Needs to Move

The summer holidays are here and kids have a lot of time to play, read and enjoy this time. ?Melissa Taylor shares some reading ideas for the child who finds it difficult to sit and read:

AudiobooksI can’t say enough good things about audiobooks. My oldest daughter (the wiggly one) really dislikes sitting and reading. Audiobooks, like reading aloud to her, give her the opportunity to pace, play, or draw while immersed in the story. Incidentally, she often reads the book after listening to it. 

Walk and ReadYou could call this pacing and reading. Remove hazards of course. (Like any cats that like to dart in front of a pacing child.) Help kids know where is safe to walk, then let them roam and read. 

Potty PagesPotty time is an excellent opportunity to get in some reading time. Leave a basket of books in the bathroom. And maybe some air freshener. Grandpas get to do it. Why not kids? Might as well take advantage of sitting, right? 

Reading NookA reading nook doesn’t have to be fancy, just a special area for reading. One of my daughters will plunk her special pillow down somewhere in the house and declare it her new reading area. (Until she discovers her next new reading area.) Try a carpeted area with pillows so kids have plenty of space to move, roll around, and wiggle while reading.


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