Pratham Books Reaches Bodakho Village

During Diwali, we wrote about the Diwali gifts we sent out to two organizations. One of the organizations was Aham Bhumika.

Subrat Goswami wrote to us to inform us that the organization works to provide clothes, grain, etc to a small tribal village called Bodakho in Bhopal. The village doesn’t have proper access to roads and has no electricity either. The children of this village don’t have any recreational facilities and Aham Bhumika has provided a few old books that they have collected from donors in Bhopal. They asked us if we would be able to provide some Hindi books for the kids of this village. Subrat also informed us that there are about 20 kids between the age group of 8-11 years who could greatly benefit from our books.

Last week Subrat wrote back to share this link which had pictures of the kids reading our books. Thank you for the pictures Subrat!


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