Pratham Books kicks off the outreach program at BLF with Happy Maths.

 As the Bangalore Literature Festival outreach program kicked off, our Editor Mala met some bright and happy students.’What would you ask for if you had a king who was ready to grant you anything?’ asked Mala, while narrating the story of Vidyasagar and his strange request. The students of class 4, Deccan International School came up with many strange and not so strange requests and then the author of the Happy Maths series revealed that Vidyasagar asked for a circular plot of land with a certain perimeter.

This and many other interesting things came up at the outreach programme that Pratham Books has been doing in partnership with Deccan Herald’s school programme and Akshara Foundation. Pratham Books is the outreach partner for the first Bangalore Literature Festival that starts on December 7, 2012. In her second session at the school, Mala narrated the story of Vinoba Bhave’s pious mother and their experiments with rice grains. “There is a machine in Punjab that can count rice grains,” insisted one student. On the whole, much number-crunching and tall tales happened in such a lively manner that the kids lost track of time and almost missed their school bus home! She really should have read from her book Time and Money, the third in the Happy Maths series.


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