Meet us at the Bangalore Literature Festival

Yesssss, quite some action planned for this weekend at the first Bangalore Literature Festival!
Pratham Books, an outreach partner of BLF, is bringing Sringeri Srinivas to town, and this quirky farmer is looking for some fun! Join this long-haired character created by Noni, also known as Rohini Nilekani, as she narrates his crazy adventure in her book Annual Haircut Day. City-based theatre company Version Dot One will engage children in a dramatic expression of the stories.
On Day 2, we’d like you to join us for a short musical tour of India, with its delightful seasons. Mala Kumar , author of the Rituchakra series will read from the 5-books set while Manoj Seshan will provide the music in ragas associated with each season. After a coffee break on this wintry day, you are invited to stay on for a smart science session. Roopa Pai, author of the popular Sister, Sister series will talk about mad motorcyclists in the sky. She will also team up with Cloud Mentor to show you how to experiment with science. 

8th December, 3.30pm  Annual Haircut Day with Noni (Rohini Nilekani)
Near Banquet Hall, Jayamahal Palace
9th December, 3.15pm  Season’s Greetings! with Mala Kumar
Near Banquet Hall, Jayamahal Palace
9th December, 4.40 pm  Curious Questions about Science with Roopa Pai
Near Banquet Hall, Jayamahal Palace
There are other events also happening as part of ‘Makkala Koota’ – the special section for children’s children. Check the schedule for more information.

And while your tiny tots are busy having fun, you can also attend some interesting sessions at the  Bangalore Literature Festival! Click here to view the entire schedule.

The Times of India also carries an article on ‘Young readers can book a date with writers at the Bangalore literature festival‘ : 

“As part of the run-up to the BLF, we created an outreach programme, during which we organized reading and storytelling sessions in various Bangalore schools in collaboration with Pratham Books,” says Shinie Antony, co-founder of the festival who has also authored a children’s book, ‘Goddy Tales’. Close to 1,000 children from various city schools were entertained by authors like Roopa Pai, Kanchan Bannerjee, Radha HS, Mala Kumar and Vidya Mani, translators Bhavya M and Meera Tushar, and author-illustrator Greystroke. 

During the three-day event, three sessions with children will run parallel with the festival proper. On Saturday, Pratham Books founder and author Rohini Nilekani will interact with kids while reading from her book ‘Annual Haircut Day’. “The children’s section at BLF is a small step towards creating a larger ecosystem for children’s writing in Bangalore and in the country; an ecosystem that will include writers, illustrators, designers and readers and will foster the growth of this often-neglected section of Indian writing,” says Nilekani.
Pratham Books editor author Mala Kumar will take an interesting session on Sunday, that will incorporate reading (from her Rituchakra series of books on India’s seasons) and music, with vocalist Manoj Seshan performing ragas associated with each season. 

Author Roopa Pai, whose fantasy series for young readers, Taranauts, was a huge hit at the recently concluded Bookaroo children’s litfest in Delhi, will also conduct a session on Sunday, on her other series ‘Sister Sister’, answering questions that will demystify science. 


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