Pratham Books is Partnering with Pearson Longman to Spread the Joy of Reading

Pratham Books is delighted that it is joining hands with Pearson Longman for a very special initiative. Part of of the sales proceeds from every book sold by Pearson Longman will go to Pratham Books for the shared goal of promoting reading among children. As a leading educational publisher Pearson Longman reaches schools across India while Pratham Books reaches children in many Indian languages and there is great potential for synergy. We, at Pratham Books are excited about this as it will help us reach many more children.
The news of this partnership will be shared at an event at Islamic Cultural Centre (Delhi) on Oct 26, 2010 at 11 am. Our chairperson, Ms. Rohini Nilekani and Mr Vivek Govil, CEO Pearson Longman will speak at the occasion. See you there!
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The story of school children in India has seen the addition of some exciting chapters in the recent past. Now that enrollment of children is touching a pleasing high of 96 per cent, the next steps should focus on creating a joyful school journey for all children.The Sarv Shiksha Abhiyan has recognized the importance of the quality of education so that children remain in school and they leave with a combination of skills and knowledge that make them productive citizens.
Books and reading have a key role in this process. Books are the most cost effective, interactive, autonomous learning medium for any child to learn with joy. They engage the imagination, they delight the mind and the eye and walk hand in hand with the child as she creates knowledge out of information.Books help us all to travel to new places in every sense of the word.
Pratham Books was set up to make good books available to all children at an affordable price.With its mission of:”A Book In Every Child’s Hand” it has reached nearly 12 million children in India so far. We realize that it is a societal mission and therefore, Pratham Books has always sought meaningful partnerships.Only a fraction of children in India have access to good books and we believe that unless we join hands to reach the last child, many children will remain deprived of the opportunity to enter the magical world of reading.

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