A Book For Every Box : An Indian Moms Connect Collaboration

 The Pratham Books journey of getting ‘a book in every child’s hand’ is only possible through collaboration. We say this very often – at work meetings, at conferences, to our stakeholders, etc. We can’t stop beaming when we see our friends think of new ways of collaborating with us on this mission. One such friendship which has developed over the years is the one we have with the Indian Moms Connect team. They’ve supported our work in multiple ways and last year, they reached out to us to take this a step further. 
In June 2015, they launched IMC’s Treasure Box – a monthly subscription box that includes a hand-picked children’s book with an Indian theme, related activities and materials, a recipe and a curated App suggestion. By December 2015, they had shipped 100 boxes. And this is when they thought of us.
Packing the boxes and shipping out to kids to enjoy got us thinking, why don’t we extend the same joy and love for books that we at IMC and our subscribers experience by sending out well-made books to schools that need them?
So started our A Book For Every Box mission in partnership with Pratham Books.
For every IMC’s Treasure Box we ship, we will set aside one book from Pratham Books’ vast collection of great books in English as well regional Indian languages to be shipped out to a school we identify. Swathi, our friend in Bangalore helped us find our first school!
Our first 100 books for the first 100 boxes have reached GMPS, Jakkur near Bangalore!
Thank you Indian Moms Connect for helping our books reach this school. Here’s to the next 100 books that reach another school!
To keep track of the work being done by Indian Moms Connect, visit their website or follow them on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram

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