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We just can’t stop talking about how lovely our community is. You guys are AWESOME! We’ve got another example of how some of our friends on Twitter collaborated to create a story on Twitter. We started chatting with @asmita when we were looking for people who could conduct storytelling workshops in their neighbourhoods. At the same time, 4 of our authors were collaborating to write a book in 2 days. Inspired by the live write-a-thon, Asmita decided to collaborate with other tweeple and write a children’s story.
Asmita tweeted to ask if anyone would be interested in joining her and soon enough she had a team of writers – @ratna_rajaiah, @neobluepanther, @hersoapbox and @asmita. While they were writing the story @pushpz also jumped in to write the story.
They defined the method they would use to create the story – one person kickstarting the story and sending out a few tweets and then letting the next writer take over. The hashtag for the story tweets was #swpb and we watched the story unfold over a few days.
Asmita’s blog says, “We wanted to kick off the story by drawing inspiration from an illustration from Pratham Books website but could not reach a consensus. So I took the liberty of picking up their story title “The Timid Train” and starting the story from there.”
Asmita has compiled all the tweets on her blog. You can read the entire story here. Let @ratna_rajaiah, @neobluepanther, @hersoapbox, @asmita and @pushpz know what you thought of their story. Leave a comment on this post or on the story post to give them your feedback.
A big thank you to @ratna_rajaiah, @neobluepanther, @hersoapbox, @asmita and @pushpz for creating this story.
Image Source : Katey Nicosia

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